Where measurements are taken of Fascinators and Hatinators and Hats that have feathers as part of the design, the dimensions given are approximate, taking into account the fluid nature of feathers, and should be used as an indication of size only.  Each and every style on our website is completely made by hand, therefore there will be some variations in the sizes to take into account the handmade nature of each peice.  Please contact us at info@hatandfashion.com for further details on any specific style,.

Measurements for Fashion Hats, Hatinators & Fascinators are indicated by Length, which is the measurement from shoulder to shoulder and includes any protruding feathers,  Width from front of hat to the back and includes any protruding feathers , Height to the highest point of hat includes any protruding feathers.  Measurements are not just the brim length and width but include all trims, feathers and any other adornments which make up the design of the hat and influence the true measurements of the hat.

Where a hat is described as adjustable, this terminology is used for those styles which have an drawstring inside the base of the crown that can be loosened or tightened according to the wearers head size.  Adjustable inner drawstrings can make the inner circumferance of a hat smaller,  Hats with an Inner drawstring suit a wide range of head sizes, and all sizes indicated on each style are an approximate guide taking into account the adjustable nature of the drawstring.  It is always best to follow our instructions regarding head measurements to ensure   you receive the correct size for your comfort.



Please contact our Customer Service by email, phone or live chat if you are unsure about your size.


Hats and garments come with care instructions specific to the item.  Follow the Care Label recommendation as Hatandfashion.com cannot be liable for damage to items due to improper care.

Follow the Care Label instructions attached to the inside of the hats, many are not waterproof and cannot be washed and are not rain proof.  Delicate Hats, such as Sinamay Melbourne Cup Hats, Hatinators and Fascinators cannot be crushed, squashed, folded or subjected to inclement  weather conditions, and we are not liable for any damage inflicted by improper handling.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide additional feathers, flowers, quills or bows if these items are lost or damaged.


Items on Hatandfashion.com are exclusive and often available only at Hatandfashion.com.  These can include but are not limited to an entire style, or a colour within a style, or a combination of colours sold together.  Certain exclusives may only run for a specified period of time, and it is your opportunity to buy the item exclusively at Hatandfashion.com.  Many items are online only, and therefore cannot be purchased in traditional high street stores, so can only be bought exclusively on this site.